Monday, 14 January 2013

The martial spirit in Lieu Doi wrestling festival

Unlike other festivals, wrestling is the main sport among other activities of the festival.
Lieu Doi Village is located in Liem The Commune, Thanh Liem District, Ha Nam Province. This village festival occurs annually on the 5th day of the 10th lunar month. There remain a lot of legends of the origin of the festival as well as the legends of wrestling and team of wrestlers.

The villagers hold this wrestling festival to thank Thanh Ong (a man of the Doan family who fought against Chinese invaders and was also the ancestor of wrestling). 

Lieu Doi’s legend has it that, a young man of Doan (Đoàn) family has the extraordinary power and the special ability of martial arts. He can defeat 5 competitors in the stage. One day, in Nuong Cui (Nương Cửi), a bright blue light ray frightened everybody but the Doan man. He came near it and realized that the light was from a sword placing in a red scarf. He kowtowed to the god, then held the sword, tied the red scarf around his waist and fenced in front of villagers.

The procession ceremony begins in the solemn atmosphere of the martial spirit. Offerings consist of some truncated cones of sticky rice, some bananas, and a pot of tea (substituting for wine). An old man holding a mirror walking backwards at the beginning of the procession starts the worshiping ceremony.

The next phase of the festival is the open fire ceremony. A great flame is set up, and an alderman hands over the sword and a reddish towel to the wrestlers. This ceremony is called "giving of the sword and the reddish clothes ceremony". 

The last activity is the Thanh Dong ceremony and after several solemn ceremonies, the wrestling competition begins. First, two boys are elected by the villagers to wrestle for five rounds as a presentation (Five Round Custom). Next, the wrestlers from other localities participate in the round.  It's a war flag dance, which is also called “superman going to the battlefield dance”. Atmosphere of the festival is exciting with drum, bell, gong...
Apart from the wrestling activity, the Lieu Doi Festival also has activities such as the performance of popular satirical verses, alternating folk songs, and the tasting of special dishes prepared by the local people for competition at the festival.

If tourists in Vietnam travel have chance attend this festival, you'll surely excited with its activities.

Romantic flower gardens of Hanoi in winter

Nhat Tan, Quang Ba, Nghi Tam, Tay Tuu, Tu Lien Village in Hanoi are famous for its colorful garden. 

Daisies, sunflowers, napa cabbage flowers, peach blossom... bloom brilliantly. They make youngers, photographers, tourists in Vietnam travel  fall from grace their beauty.

Spring somewhere far behind that cold, bleak winter. But these days people go looking Hanoi  spring training all over the garden, flower village. 

A lot of tourists in in Vietnam travel have been visiting flower villages to see the flowers in all the vibrant colour.
Especially, hundreds of young people come each day to take pictures.

A young couple takes a photograph for the beautiful memory in flower garden

The photographer be enthralled by flower garden

The paradise with the many types of flowers

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wonderpark - Paradise attract tourists

Wonderpark is entertainment paradise with distinctive beauty. Coming here, guests can visit the entire resort, play lots of games, take a swim in the sea and relax with cheap price.

With the admission fee of 20.000 VND/ adult and 10.000 VND/ children, guests can visit the entire resort, play lots of games, take a swim in the sea and relax. To get a tour around the resort, you can choose to either ride a tandem for the price of 20.000 VND/ hour; ride a horse or take the train for the most affordable price of only 2.000 VND/ person.

The Entrance Gate of Wonderpark

From Wonderpark Square, visitors traveling by train will go through many entertaining areas in the amusement park such as the Nhâm Ngọ Square with ancient houses, Sao Biển Square, Thủy Triều Square,Thiên Ngoạn Square, etc. The sceneries are harmoniously beautiful. The further one gets into the resort, the more peaceful the scenery becomes. While making your way through the quiet countryside, we can see velvet bamboo, banana trees and evergreen grass.
traveling around Wonderpark by riding a horse

If you don’t want to take the train or ride a horse, you can simply choose to stroll around or ride a tandem, exploring the place. In addition to the outdoor entertainment areas, there are other activity options for tourists like riding motorboats, parasailing, games with rafts and buoys, etc. There is also a garden containing rare species of birds like sea eagles, peacocks, ostriches, and more. Particularly, coming to the Thủy Triều Square, you can enjoy some coffee on a floating raft. It is an ideal location for couples to spend their romantic moments. Young people can also try rowing, or some breathtaking adventures in the Insect park. The rock garden will interest tourists with giant blocks of vertical rock situated in the middle of trees and flowers.
Beach area - highlight of Wonderpark

The Highlight of Wonderpark in Nha Trang is the beach area, stretching nearly one kilometer. Being a part of a peaceful bay, the water is calm and blue all year long. Moreover, the sea here is quite shallow and safe; very suitable for camping and outdoor activities. There is also a restaurant on the water surface to serve tourists dishes of coastal cuisine.

Long Thuy beach - Harmonious beauty

Coming to Long Thuy beach of An Phu commune, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province in any season of the year, tourists in Vietnam travel will always be enchanted with harmonious beauty of natural landscape and the green coconut trees stretching along the sandy beautiful beach.

 Long Thuy Beach with Harmonious Beauty

Long Thuy Beach- Phu Yen- Vietnam

The sea here is almost intact, with shallow water surface, clear blue sand bed stretching hundreds of meters. So, you can enjoy yourselves in the water for hours, have fun without fear of big waves. After swimming, you can lie down on the canvas chairs under the green coconut trees, sipping sweet coconut water or cycling on the sands. It’s so much attractive to see the scene of fishermen busy preparing for offshore fishing voyages.

 Long Thuy Beach with Harmonious Beauty

Not too far from the seashore lies Chua Islet (about 0.22 square meter) and two other islets (Dua islet and Than islet). Surrounding these islets is coral reefs of about 100 hectares. Long Thuy – Hon Chua has favorable conditions for developing eco-tourism. Joining and visiting Long Thuy area in June of lunar year, tourists will take the chance to join the Cau Ngu Festival, in which local people pray for safety and happiness.

 Long Thuy Beach with Harmonious Beauty

Reaching the beach, tourists donot forget to enjoy various kinds of delicious seafood with the strong taste of a rural area like: fresh squid grilled in chilli salt, one sun dried squid,  sweet and sour soup, bee fish grilled and dipped in first time salted fish.